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James Hunt


”If everything seems under control you’re just not going fast enough.”

Mario Andretti


Christos Papantonakis is an experienced motorsport specialist in the fields of car setup, test driving and car evolution decisions and works, mainly for circuit racing and hill-climb applications.

He also specializes in racing driving, either as a tutor / instructor, or as an endurance racing driver himself.



During the last two decades he managed to establish firm cooperation with well known mechanics, electronics specialists, tuners and experienced racing team managers, allowing him to offer through CP Racing a broad spectrum of services to racers, amateurs and professionals alike.


Serving successfully for many years as a CEO, CIO, Web developer and Project Manager with proven track record in various companies, he can also offer specialized web services ranging from logo/image creation and website design, to social media presence and campaigns, and full PR, publicity and marketing consulting.

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  • Consulting in selecting a suitable race car

  • Race and track-day car setup

    • General preparation
      • Body preparation
      • Security preparation
    • Mechanics
    • Electronics

  • Tuning and evolution of car

  • MoTeC ADL, ADL2, ADL3, CDL3, SDL, SDL3, SLM, MDC, MDC2, i2, T2 setup and programming

  • Race driving tutoring

    • Circuit racing
    • Hillclimb
    • Endurance racing
    • Time attack

  • Race driver management

    • Physical
    • Mental
    • PR

  • Motorsport Tourism
  • Premium TrackDays

  • Web
    • Website / Portal / Landing Page design and creation
    • Social Media presence creation
    • Web and social media campaigns
    • Web PR and publicity
    • Marketing strategy


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